Introducing Manual Ticket Creation

When a customer sends you an issue via email or your Helpdesk, your life is easy. It becomes a ticket, you reply, everything is kept track of, and eventually you close it for good.

But occasionally, you don’t have that luxury. A customer calls you on one of those “telephones”. Or they email your CEO directly. Or they tell you about an issue over lunch. What do you do now?

As of today, admins can use UserVoice’s new Manual Ticket Creation feature to manually create customer support tickets within the Admin Console. Instantly, any time you want.


Scope out the video for a walkthrough:


It’s important to note that we do require an email address for the customer with the issue. Why? Because UserVoice Helpdesk is currently designed for communicating with your customers via email, not as an internal bug tracker. If you don’t have the customer’s email, you can’t send them messages, so it doesn’t belong in the ticket system.

Manual Ticket Creation is available today on all Helpdesk and Full Service accounts. Just click the plus button at the top of your ticket list.

manual ticket creation button

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