Making College Cheaper – The Madison Initiative

Let’s face it, tuition for college is getting more & more difficult for students.  Universities rely heavily on State & Federal support to offset the cost of providing a solid education.  In today’s economic condition, these dollars are harder to come by.

The University of Wisconsin is taking a proactive approach – rather than simply raising tuition, they are removing any additional fees to students who’s families earn less than $80k in combined salary. The University understands that it is difficult in the current environment to contemplate an additional tuition adjustment. But unless difficult decisions are made now, affordability and quality will suffer for the long-term.

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What’s notable about this decision is that the University is being completely transparent about the situation.  Going so far as to open several UserVoice forums to address concerns head on.  We’re pleased to be a part of this progressive & insightful University (as it’s also where I went to school for a short while).

See for yourself how The University of Wisconsin is leading the way in open & transparent dialogue:

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