LazyMeter LogoWe’ve talked about scaling support with the slow build to success, but what if you have a huge launch? That’s what happened to LazyMeter last month. While building and beta-testing a compellingly simple to-do program, they invited a Lifehacker writer into the beta…and he gave them a shining review at launch. The result was over 10,000 visitors to their site on launch day. Which meant a lot of customer emails.

While our Timeline doesn’t recommend a ticket system at this point in a company’s life, for LazyMeter’s big launch it made sense. Says founder Aaron Franklin:

“UserVoice gave us the confidence we needed to support any level of traffic, and removed any fear of losing messages and feedback. The investment paid off – even with the flood of visitors on launch day, we were able to exceed expectations with our response times to questions. Many users commented on how shocked they were by the professionalism of our new company’s support – from an autoreply to their message, to quick response times and follow-ups when needed.”

UserVoice Tickets

The key feature here was UserVoice Full Service’s straightforward collection and handling of user messages. When a new message comes in, it’s open and clearly called out in the sidebar. When an Admin responds to it (unless they specify otherwise) it’s closed, and won’t open again until the customer responds. The lack of confusing “pending” statuses let Aaron keep track of what was going on and get ensure that this surge in traffic resulted in happy, lasting customers.

Does Aaron recommend a ticket system of some sort for a big launch? Absolutely.

“When you’re a bootstrapped startup, it’s easy to think you can handle the initial support through an email address and deal with a scalable solution later. But there’s a risk: by the time you realize you need a solution, you will be overwhelmed and lose track of some emails. There’s no doubt UserVoice helped us to win over users we otherwise would have lost, and there’s no doubt it helped us build relationships with users that will stay around with us for the long-run.”

Robert Melick on Twitter saying They're new and are learning/fixing but their valuation of and support to the user is incredible. #userforlife