Hi everyone, my name’s Dejana and I’m the latest addition to the UserVoice crew. I’ve come aboard as an Associate Product Manager.

I just moved to San Francisco and I’m loving it. Back in Toronto, I worked as a business intelligence developer and analyst for two local start-ups. I became fascinated by social media and wondered if it could be used to improve the software development process. So, in 2009 I joined University of Toronto’s Software Engineering Masters program to analyze how companies developing software applications are finding ways to use social media techniques to gather feedback.

My research paper looked at the influence of company size, transparency, participation rate, and number of social media tools used. As a part of the research, I completed an in-depth study of about 70 software vendors, either through an in-person interview or by studying the activity of their online feedback gathering mechanisms such as UserVoice.

Through my studies, I witnessed the potential of engaging users to make better products and services. By joining UserVoice I plan to use that potential. My goal is to help UserVoice customers get most out of their online communities. In the coming weeks I will be reaching out to you to learn even more about how you leverage your user communities. I’d like to share your success stories and best practices on this blog, as well as incorporate them into the product with the help of my colleagues. I’ll specifically focus on how product managers engage their users to influence product development.

This blog post is one of many to come and we’ll get to know each other. I welcome your input. If you’re a UserVoice customer, I would love to talk to you over latte and cheesecake. Yeah, I have a weak spot for cheesecake!