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Deciding to write documentation is one thing. Figuring out what documentation you should write is another. Here’s one simple way to make sure you’re writing docs that are going to be effective:

0. If you aren’t already, start using custom fields or tags (depending on the product you’re using) to note which area of the product each ticket is about. (Here’s how to add custom fields in UserVoice)

1. Look at your reporting and spot which product areas elicit the most tickets. (Follow this link and click the “Custom Fields” tab to view this in UserVoice’s brand-new reporting suite)
Helpdesk custom fields report

2. Dig into those tickets to figure out what’s going on (this is good to do regardless of documentation). Note which areas are actual bugs, quirks, and unique situations and which are recurring questions.

3. Write documentation to answer the recurring questions you found in step 2. Review your reporting in a month and see if issues related to those product areas have dropped.

You’ll reduce the number of tickets you get, make your customers happier, and impress your boss. Give it a try!

Photo courtesy of Pete O’Shea