We want to thank everyone who has sent us suggestions and comments for their ongoing contribution to improving our service.

In July we started on a revamp of the admin interface and have added some exciting new features. The most prominent of these are:



  • You will now be able to block users under the tab “users”
  • Easy access to widget documentation under the tab “widget” (view)
  • Easy access to API under the tab “API” (view)
  • You can now Export to Excel admin data (view)
  • Add your own “internal comments” on suggestions – not visible to users (view)


  • default forum set up – long list went off screen
  • comment/internal comment count was broken
  • link to customized SSO login page  goes to your customized login page
  • “internal comment” delete button is working again
  • admin couldn’t add suggestion with 0 votes when he ran out of votes – works fine again
  • billing info displayed wrong “next payment” dat – shows now the correct payment date
  • set default forum tab on “new” – works fine now (view)
  • create forum that was already created and deleted – works fine now
  • delete forum button – works fine now
  • xls files are no longer triggered when clicking on “tabs”



  • Syndication to Facebook and Twitter, url shortener (view)
  • You can delete your own posted comment (view)

improved search (minimum word length, blacklist)


improved German, Spanish and French translation