Last week we wrote about how well-surfaced Knowledge Base articles could answer 40% of your support requests through our Instant Answers feature. But all of this cool potential is wasted unless you actually write something.

So we’re challenging you. Join us in spending just 10 minutes a day writing or improving documentation for the next month. We’ll choose two participating companies who improve their Instant Answer rate to win a free month of UserVoice service and be featured on the UserVoice blog.

Here’s our simple 3-step program:

  1. Spend 10 minutes a day writing documentation.
  2. Whenever you see a question asked twice in your ticket queue, write an article that answers it.
  3. Look at your Helpdesk data, and try rewriting articles that are being viewed frequently but are not generating many Instant Answers.

Pro tip: with UserVoice Helpdesk, you can actually turn any ticket response you’ve already sent into a Knowledge Base article. Just click the icon to the right of your response:

uservoice create article button

To participate, post a comment here stating your agreement to participate and your UserVoice subdomain anytime before December 31st. We’ll choose two winners from this group who have seen an increase in Instant Answers rate since the end of November.

We don’t always succeed at following the steps above. But we’re ready to commit to this program with you. Let’s do it for one month, and see how many more customer issues we can solve. Viva la documentación!

Tell Twitter that you’ve joined the Knowledge Base Challenge:

Important Information:

  • To be considered, you need to post a comment including your UserVoice subdomain on the blog by December 31st, and you must have seen at least a 1% increase in Instant Answers rate.
  • Winners will be chosen based on the opinion of the UserVoice staff, and anyone may be disqualified for any reason.
  • Awards will be given by January 6th.
  • Only accounts on generic UserVoice plans may participate – if you’re on a special plan (Beta, Platinum, yearly, etc) you, sadly, can’t participate.