TwilioconWhile we're devoting 95% of our energy towards our upcoming conference, UserConf, there's a little part of our brain buzzing with excitement for the week after. Why? Because that's when Twiliocon is.

We've been fans of Twilio for a while. Partially because they make awesome voice and messaging APIs which make it really easy for companies to set up sales or support phone systems. But partially it's just that Twilio has amazing style and great people. Every interaction we've had with them has been great, and we can't wait to see what they do at their conference…which includes Twilio product workshops, sessions about communications tech, business solutions and customer experience, a hackathon, and of course the requisite giant afterparty.

If you're thinking about building out your call center – or just obsessed with customer experience – we recommend giving Twiliocon a look.

Our very own account manager Danny Bloomfield will be attending, so drop him a line if you'll be there!