We’re excited to announce version 3.0 of our iOS SDK! Optimized for iOS 7 apps for both iPhone and iPad, our latest iOS SDK has not only been updated visually, but also includes an improved Instant Answers™ flow, an easier way for people to support and subscribe to ideas, and dozens of bugfixes and tweaks. The latest code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/uservoice/uservoice-ios-sdk.

Improved Instant Answers flow

The new SDK also includes an updated Instant Answers flow, making it easier for your users to find relevant articles from your UserVoice knowledge base or similar ideas before submitting a new ticket or feedback. This helps your customers get the help they need faster, while reducing the amount of repetitive support requests you have to respond to. In addition, the latest SDK includes a new Instant Answers API. UserVoice already keeps track of your Instant Answer rate, and provides insights into the common questions your users have, and our new API will enable even more insights into which articles and ideas people have viewed when submitting feedback, which ones were helpful, and which ones were not.



Subscribe to ideas without vote limits

Similar to our new widget and Android SDK, our iOS SDK has replaced the traditional 1-3 vote system with a simple “I want this” option. This allows users to quickly and easily subscribe to updates on ideas they like and post new ideas, all without having to manage their vote limits. This vastly improves the experience for your users, allowing them to follow any idea that interests them without introducing barriers.


Simplified stylesheet API

As with our Android SDK, the base design follows the latest platform-specific best practices, focussing on a seamless in-app experience for your iOS users rather than introducing proprietary designs. In addition, customizing the UserVoice SDK to match the styles of your iOS app has just gotten a lot simpler with our new stylesheet API.

Easier to install and configure

Developers have told us that integrating the UserVoice iOS SDK into their apps is pretty straight forward, but we went ahead and made it even easier with a new SDK builder in your UserVoice account settings. In addition, we’ve added support for CocoaPods to make installing and updating the SDK even faster.


To get started with the latest SDK, visit your account’s Mobile SDK settings. If you don’t have a UserVoice account yet, you can sign up for free! As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!