We are very passionate about understanding our customers. And the #1 piece of feedback we’ve been getting has been “your feedback system is great, but I want you guys to provide a support system as well”.

This obviously wasn’t the original focus of UserVoice. But we kept hearing that the existing support tools aren’t good enough. And we had to agree: we’ve tried many of them, and been satisfied with none. So we spent the last year speaking to over 70 of our customers on the phone, and working directly with over 40 of them. This work has all led to today’s announcement.

Today we’re incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of UserVoice Helpdesk.


UserVoice Helpdesk is a customer support system. UserVoice Helpdesk provides a place for your customers to submit issues privately and for you to receive, track, and respond to them. UserVoice Helpdesk is fully integrated with the UserVoice Feedback tool as part of our new UserVoice Full Service package.

But features aren’t really important. What’s important is what this actually changes for you.

This is our manifesto:

Support shouldn’t suck for the customer
You will lose if you do not focus on customer happiness. You will make (maybe lots of) money if you do. Helpdesk makes it easy for your customers to get assistance. Helpdesk encourages responding within an hour (because it makes people happier). Helpdesk isn’t just a way to shut your customers up, it’s a way to delight them.

Support shouldn’t suck for the employee
Why do we accept ugly interfaces for providing support? No more. Helpdesk has a friendly, simple interface…or you can reply to support tickets via your email inbox. Whatever you prefer, we’re here for you. Our built-in game mechanics make doing good support a positive experience, and encourage friendly competition with your coworkers. Because work should be at least a little bit fun.

Support should scale
You shouldn’t have to answer the same thing over and over. Instant Answers helps your customers before they fire off an email to you, and canned responses allow you to quickly answer frequently asked questions. Rockstars don’t scale. Good tools do.

Feedback and support belong together
UserVoice Feedback has always provided a way to understand your customers’ requests without exhausting yourself. UserVoice Helpdesk provides a way to help your customers with your issues without losing sleep. Two great tastes that taste great together.

We’re really, really proud of what we’ve done here, and we can’t wait for you to try it. We can’t wait for it to make your lives easier. And we can’t wait to improve it based on your feedback. Because delighting you is our passion. That, and girl scout cookies.

Scope out Uservoice Helpdesk.