We want your customer service to waste less of your time (and your customers’ time) so you have more time to waste. And a huge part of that is understanding what’s actually happening within your customer service.

That’s why today we’re very proud to announce the launch of analytics for UserVoice – designed to tell you what’s going on in your Helpdesk and how you can improve your service.

Most reports aren’t helpful. Data by itself is often useless and overwhelming…as anyone who remembers the first time they logged into Google Analytics can attest.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our analytics are as simple and actionable as possible. We literally started with 8+ reports, and after feedback from 50+ beta testers, pared it down to these.


UserVoice Updated Dashboard

The brand-new UserVoice Dashboard shows you traffic to your UserVoice account as well as other key numbers. And the classic activity stream has been redesigned to give you an easier-to-absorb view of what’s been happening on your account.


UserVoice Analytics Funnel

This report tells you where your tickets are coming from, and how many were – and could have been – prevented through Knowledge Base articles surfaced via our Instant Answers feature.

Article Insights

UserVoice Article Analytics

This report tells you how often specific articles are being viewed in the widget and how often they Instantly Answer a customer – saving them and you time.

Ticket Insights


For those using custom fields, this report will tell you what is trending, so you know what’s up with your customers and what you should focus your efforts on.

These analytics are available immediately for all customers (UserVoice Feedback customers will not have the Helpdesk Report…but don’t worry, we’ve got a report for you coming soon). We’re extremely excited to see how this helps you improve your service, and we hope you’ll share your experiences with us.

Feedback is always welcome – leave ideas on the forum or send us a ticket if you run into a bug.

Enjoy the data!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice 

Update – here’s a video walkthrough of the new features: