A month ago we launched UserVoice Helpdesk, a customer service tool, and with it a fancy new interactive widget. Many of our UserVoice Feedback customers have been asking us when they can get their taste of that sweet widget action. The answer is: today.

The new UserVoice feedback widget replicates much of the behavior of your UserVoice portal – your users can search for ideas, view and vote on ideas, and create their own ideas. Yes, all without ever leaving the widget.


Along with this fancy new functionality are a bunch of new customization options. You can now stick your tab in almost any section of the page you’d like, and you can customize the colors and text. Make it yours (just don’t go for that neon pink, it’s not worth it).


To install the new widget:

1. Sign in to the Admin Console
2. Go to the Settings section
3. Click the “Channels” tab
4. Click the “Add Widget” button

For those of you who like to be retro, your existing widgets will remain as is. We won’t get rid of them, and you’ll still be able to update their settings within the Channels tab of your Settings. But you’ll now have the new widget available as well.

We’re very excited to finally get this long-awaited feature to our Feedback customers. We think you’ll dig it quite a bit, but there’s always room for improvement and we’re excited to hear what you think.

Rock that widget,

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice