knowledge_baseIt’s the age-old problem: your customers keep asking the same questions over and over, so you create a Knowledge Base (or FAQ section) featuring answers to those questions. But only some of your customers actually ever look at the Knowledge Base, so you stop updating it…leading to customers asking more questions over and over!

Some people have tried to solve this by forcing customers to go through the FAQ section before contacting them, or hiding their contact info altogether. We think this is inhumane, and will only hurt your company.

With UserVoice Helpdesk, we’ve decided to end this vicious cycle. When your customers start filling out your contact form (either embedded on your site or via your UserVoice portal) our Instant Answers(TM) algorithm will instantly (get it?) pull up Knowledge Base entries AND ideas that match what they’re writing.


With any luck, these results answer your customers’ questions. That’s a win-win situation – you have fewer support tickets to deal with, and your customer gets their answer quicker. Everyone wins. How often does that happen in life?

Scope out Instant Answers for yourself by clicking the widget in the bottom right of our site, or try a 14-day free trial of UserVoice Full Service (featuring UserVoice Feedback and UserVoice Helpdesk).