uservoice-inspector.large_It’s always useful to know who you’re talking to when doing customer support. What type of account are they on? Are they technical? Has someone on your team spoken to them before? All of these details can ensure a quicker resolution of the customer’s issue. But it takes a lot of work. You open your CRM to get the account info. You might hop onto LinkedIn to get their title. If you have time (who has time these days?) you might check to see if they said anything about you on Twitter. It’s a big time investment.

Today we’re introducing Inspector: a tool that tells you who’s on the other end of that support ticket, leaving you free to create a great first response faster than you ever thought possible.

Inspector pulls in contact’s UserVoice interactions (ideas, tickets, votes, Admin notes) as well as publicly-available data from social networks, SugarCRM, and any platform you’d like to add (it’s really easy to do…find out more here). All immediately available, right where you’re answering support tickets. You can now close all those extra browser tabs, and provide great customer service even faster.

How much faster? Check it out: I did an experiment and found that it took more than a minute to find this information manually.

Inspector is available on all UserVoice accounts starting today. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice