Today we launched Inspector, a quick way for you to find out more about who is on the other end of your support tickets. Inspector is designed to save you time, so I decided to take up the challenge and see how much faster it would work for me.

First, I loaded up our CEO (Richard White) in Inspector. Next, I directly visited Linkedin, Twitter, our SugarCRM account, and UserVoice to search for and gather information on him. Here’s what the breakdown looked like:


Inspector took about 5 seconds on my home DSL connection (your results may vary). Manually finding this information without Inspector took a whole 1 minute, 28 seconds.

A single member of our (awesome) customer service team responds to about 95 tickets a week. If they were to look up this information for each ticket, that would be about 14 work-days (9-5, though we tend to work longer) a year. Fourteen whole days wasted spent looking up information that’s immediately accessible with Inspector. Most customer service agents aren’t even going to bother with a time-suck this big.

In addition, I learned info I wouldn’t have from a quick search…such as the fact that Rich has a Github account, suggesting he’s at least somewhat technical and I don’t need to worry about using technical terms.

Conclusion? The Inspector is welcome in my ticket queue any day.