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Product feedback is an invaluable resource for informing roadmap decisions for both new and established products, and product teams across the board constantly seek more insight from their customers whether they have 10 or 10,000,000 to listen to. With insight derived from feedback, product teams can uncover customer pain points to solve, identify the features and functionalities customers care most about, and prioritize their product roadmaps accordingly.

Ever wonder what exactly this looks like in practice? How are other product teams leveraging customer feedback to inform their product decisions? Our brand new infographic below, which is based on findings of our recent report The Influence of Feedback on the Product Development Process, breaks it down:

Making Customer Powered Product Decisions

How to Product Teams Leverage Customer Feedback to Inform Product Decisions?

Here’s a quick look at the key points in our infographic. 

What does this mean for your team? Be sure to read our full report for a more detailed analysis and actionable advice for improving your processes!

Heather McCloskey

About Heather McCloskey

Heather J. McCloskey, Inbound & Content Marketing Manager at UserVoice, is a former broadcast news producer. When she's not writing pieces about product management and customer support here, she can be found putting pedal to the metal behind a sewing machine or painting watercolor comics.
  • Rachell D’Silva

    I found the keypoints in your infographics quite obliging. I am planning to conduct customer feedback surveys for my product and looking for online survey tools to help me create attractive surveys and generate comprehensive reports. The list of my choice includes Survey monkey, Sogosurvey & Survey gizmo. Survey monkey have good templates while Sogosurvey provides various types of advance reports. Can you suggest which survey tool should I opt for?

    • Andrew Moyer

      Hi Rachell,

      Just came across your comment and thought I would add some food for thought…

      First off, each of those survey tools are great so feel free to use whichever stands out to you the most.

      The thing I wanted to add piggy backs on this article a bit… Part of the reason why tools like UserVoice is exists is due to a common challenge that survey’s have when it comes to actually getting user feedback: There is often not enough because users don’t see the benefits of giving it to you.

      Think back to the times when you would see a link to “give feedback”. In the earliest days (and even now too) you would see your inbox open up a new email that would be sent to a default address like feedback@acme.com. Or you would be taken to an empty contact form. For those of us that would spend the time writing out our input we were excited to share our opinions because we thought it would be helpful. Sadly though, we would rarely hear anything back. We never knew if they read it let alone did anything with it.

      This customer experience, IMO, has bolstered the attitude of, “Why even take the time to give my feedback? It’s not like it makes a difference.” And who could blame them for thinking that?

      In order to get users to give you enough feedback to act on… In order to encourage and reassure users that it’s worth it for them to give their feedback… You have to SHOW them that you’re listening to everyone and that their opinion makes a difference. You’ve got to make it super simple and inviting to give feedback at that very moment that they struggle or can find a solution in your application. Most of all, you’ve got to show them that they are not alone and others have the same challenge.

      Providing a transparent way for users to give their feedback and to allow them to agree with other users which have similar challenges is the best way to bolster user feedback. Once you’ve created this environment hold on tight! The insights you can start to gain from your users and their needs will truly give you the answers you didn’t even know you were looking for. 🙂

      I hope that helps!



  • Excellent infographic…