When your company was 2 guys/gals and a dog it was obvious what the customers issues were. But as you grow up as a company there’s a tendency to firewall off the rest of the company from the actual customer interactions your customer-facing team is having. You mean to protect them, but instead this can mean that they lose sight of who they’re trying to help. How do you fix this?

Get your customers back into the spotlight with our new HipChat integration. HipChat is a fantastic chat platform for inter-company communications (which we use every day at UserVoice). And now, through a simple service hook, you can pipe events from your UserVoice into your HipChat chat rooms. Suddenly, you can bring the customer back into the organization.

Check the integration out in action here:

The HipChat service hook is available on all plans, even the free ones. To set up UserVoice in HipChat, follow the instructions in this article.

How might you use Hipchat and UserVoice? Check out our in-depth post on how we use HipChat to keep our team connected to each other and our customers.

Like this integration? Build your own!

Check out UserVoice service hooks, an easy, powerful way for you to build connections between UserVoice data and your own app.