HipChat shows how to deal with upset customers: quickly & decisively

Earlier this week HipChat, a private chat client for companies, released a new update. Amongst the updates was a change to how you @mentioned people to get their attention. Where you previously would say someone's first name (@evan), the update defaulted to full names (@evanhamilton), to avoid problems with multiple employees with the same first name.

What followed was a classic software company situation: solving one problem and accidentally introducing another. Customers used to typing just a first name became frustrated with the new functionality. Heck, we use HipChat here at UserVoice and we were pretty upset too!


upset hipchat customer

HipChat got plenty of feedback on this change throughout the day…on Twitter, on their UserVoice account, on their blog, etc. But instead of shrugging it off or saying they'd eventually fix it, they listened. They understood. And not 6 days later, they've released an update that allows you to define your @mention handle, so you can switch it back to your first name.

As a HipChat customer, our emotions went from frustrated to grateful and respecting. Our bond with HipChat has grown tighter, because we know they're looking out for us. I'm sure many of their customers feel this way. So Kudos to HipChat for listening and acting quickly. That's the way it should be done.

happy hipchat customer

Disclaimer: UserVoice has a really awesome integration with HipChat.

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