When we initially designed UserVoice Helpdesk we were picturing many of the companies we spoke to about customer support: companies with one person answering most user cases.

But for all the companies like that, there are plenty where a team of people answers all the tickets out of one bucket. And the problem with that is, occasionally, two people might answer the same ticket. D’oh!

Today we’d like to introduce Collision Detection for UserVoice Helpdesk. Put simply, if you try to make changes to a ticket that someone else is working on, you’ll get alerted that you may be interfering with them.

Check out the video for details:

This feature is currently active on all accounts.

Wondering how to keep your tickets from being assigned to anyone by default? Check out this Knowledge Base article.

We spent a few weeks doing grab-bag support and spoke to a number of customers who do this sort of support before we built this feature. We’re quite excited to hear what you think! As always, feedback is welcome here or at http://feedback.uservoice.com.