Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day – Have 75% Off!

geeky cupcakes with pac man and the like on themAs we say on our about page, at UserVoice we're all about empowering customers to speak and companies to understand. We think the future of all business is this humane, mutually beneficial relationship.

Nobody is more focused on this than community managers, so they hold a very special place in our hearts. While we think you should celebrate community managers every day, today is a day for special love. Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Get it Now!

We're giving all you community managers out there a big present today: 75% off any UserVoice plan for 1 year!

Apply before midnight tonight; as long as you are a community manager and fit the relatively limited fine print (see the submission page), it's yours.

Trying to figure out how to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day? Swing by our Understanding Your Customers blog and scope out our Top 10 ways to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Happy Holiday!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

Photo courtesy of Betsy Weber

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