Great Example of Customer Service

Every once in a while, something takes you off guard. Take T-Shirts for instance. Rich & I thought we should get some shirts together for UserVoice, so I asked my friend Alex Hillman where he got his shirts made for IndyHall.

He said to call ChoiceShirts, where you could customize your own design and all that good stuff. So I fired off an email and that’s when things got interesting. First off, I got an immediate follow on Twitter. Then a confirmation email asking when, where and all that. So far so good.

Then they made a video?


Yes, they made a video.

Not only did we get amazing quality shirts, customer service & super fast delivery – we also got a music video of our shirts in production. On top of that, he printed one up for himself! How cool is that?

If you’d like to have one of these fancy-dancy shirts for yourself, please march on over to and ORDER ONE!

Thanks guys – You Rock!


Shirt photo courtesy of Stacie

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