We want you to know more about how your customers are behaving. Succeeding as a business relies upon you understanding them. Our support and feedback tools already give you great insights into your customers but, at your request, we’ve taken this a step further with simple, powerful Google Analytics integration for UserVoice.

With a few quick steps, those on our Premium and above plans will start pulling data from their forums and widgets into Google Analytics starting today.

This integration provides useful insights into how your customers are behaving. Now you can quickly find out what knowledge base topics are most visited, where most of your feedback is coming from (widget, page, or Facebook app), how many tickets you got this week vs last week, and more!

UserVoice in Google Analytics

Instructions for enabling this feature are available in our Knowledge Base.

You can find your UserVoice actions in Google Analytics under Content>Event Tracking>UserVoice, and everything else exactly where you’d expect to find it in Google Analytics.

Want to learn more? Check out our informational video below: