change_fieldOccasionally, you get that fun email from your boss: “FW: I’m having issues”. Someone has contacted them directly and complained. And now you have to deal with it. Gulp.

Previously, it was difficult to get this forward from your inbox to UserVoice Helpdesk. Forwarding it into our system left the contact email as your address, not the customer’s address.

Problem solved: you can now change the to: field in UserVoice Helpdesk tickets!

Forward your emails into the system, then simply click “change” next to the To address. Enter the address from the original email and voila! Replies will now go directly to that person.

This is also useful if the customer mistypes their email or used two different email addresses for the same issue.

Because of this important change, we’ve now made it extremely clear who a ticket was sent to, from, and who was BCC’d:


This feature comes directly from your suggestions on our forum, so please keep letting us know what you think!


-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice