Earlier this year we launched our service hooks functionality so anyone could build their own integrations with UserVoice. If you want your UserVoice data in another app, we want to help you do that.

Today we’re pleased to announce a brand-new integration with Flowdock, created by the gents over at Flowdock HQ using our service hooks functionality.

Flowdock is a team inbox, enabling team chat as well as awareness of what’s happening in the various channels the company uses: Twitter, wikis, bug trackers, and now UserVoice.

With only a few steps (outlined in our knowledge base article) you can get data (new tickets, ideas, comments, replies, kudos and more) flowing from UserVoice into Flowdock. No muss, no fuss.


This integration is available on all UserVoice and Flowdock plans. Interested in giving Flowdock a try? They’re generously giving away 3 months of their service to any UserVoice customer who signs up here. Enjoy!