After listening to your feedback we just rolled out a change that will make your UserVoice experience even more awesome! Previously when an Admin would merge two similar ideas together, the creator and supporters of the duplicate would not get notified that their idea was merged. Today we’ve added the option for admins to notify the subscribed users that the idea was merged. It looks something like this:


If you do decide to notify the users they’ll get an email that looks a little something like this:


The option to notify is especially important if you’ve already made a decision about an idea but get the same idea from another user. For instance, earlier today we received an idea for an integration that I already declined. Instead of emailing that customer directly to let him know before merging his idea (or just merging it without alerting him), I checked the box to notify him.  Now that user can see that a similar idea was already created and what our decision was. It’s a small update, but hopefully one that will make communication with your users all the better.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions or issues!

-Carter Gibson
Associate Community Manager, UserVoice

Idea light photo courtesy of Mike Linksvayer.