Every year a huge pile of tech folks converge on Austin, TX for South by Southwest. You can (and plenty of folks do) argue that it’s played out, jumped the shark, or jumped the shark while riding another shark wearing a free t-shirt. All we know is that we always run into great folks in Austin and a small number of the sessions are really great.

So here’s our contribution to making SXSW worthwhile for everyone: we’ve collected a few of our favorite session submissions from awesome UserVoicers. We highly recommend you vote for them, and help ensure that SXSW 2013 is as good as it can be!

Hey A-hole, Stop Calling Yourself a Guru
Our Head of Community, Evan Hamilton, joins a panel discussing the differences between Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Ninjas, Gurus, and the like. How are these roles similar? How are they different? What needs to change for us to be taken more seriously? Why are Gurus such A-holes? Also, Evan made this video for the panel (stick with it until the end, there’s an easter egg).

World Domination
UserVoicers Eventbrite (Who are also speaking at UserConf!) will talk about the opportunities and challenges of a distributed team. Especially as you expand customer service to new regions, this stuff is critical.

Community Management, Beyond the News Feed
Most companies use social media these days, and most of what they post is superficial. UserVoicer Laura Gluhanich of about.me and a panel of community managers discuss how to build a deeper connection with your customers via social.

The Watercooler of 2023: The Future of TV
While it doesn’t have anything to do with building a customer-centric startup, this panel – presented by UserVoicers Miso –  just sounds fascinating…like real life scifi. Will TV be recognizable in 2023?

Scaling Your Business Through Community
Are you doing Community right? This panel will talk real-life examples of how you can grow your business with Community strategies. Plus, you can’t beat a lineup including Instagram, Soundcloud, Taskrabbit, and UserVoicers Twilio.

Industrial Revolution 3.0 & Future of 3D Printing
If you’re not familiar with 3D Printing, then you might not understand why we’re excited about this one. It’s 3D. Printing. It’s like magic. This duo presentation features WIRED and UserVoicers Shapeways.

Feel free to add your submissions to the comments!