businessmen with trophiesYou hear about awesome entrepreneurs are the time. After all, they created something. Same for designers. Developers, sometimes. And Marketing folks love to toot their own horn about campaigns that have captured the minds of consumers.

So why don’t we hear about amazing customer service folks?

I suspect it’s because they’re doing great, hard, smart work that results in less noise, not more.

A developer writes the code that causes an action. A marketing manager gets someone to buy an app. But a successful customer service rep does the opposite of creating: they erase. They erase the possibility of angry tweets, of customer churn, of bad word of mouth. At the end of their day they’ve gotten rid of issues, rather than making a pile of creations. But it doesn’t mean they don’t create anything…they create happiness and loyalty, which marketers and entrepreneurs need for their projects to succeed.

And frequently, these people don’t take the time to hog the glory. They don’t shout about what they’re doing. They don’t have time to be on SXSW panels, and they don’t feel comfortable emailing the team about their work. They like to make people happy, and that’s all the thanks they think they need.

But they exist, and we think they deserve to be heard. If you’re coming to UserConf this Friday you’ll get to see a lot of them give amazing (I know, I’ve already seen them) presentations. But if you do customer service, take a second to pat yourself on the back. Maybe email your team about how many tickets your team answered last week (or pipe your customer kudos into HipChat or Campfire). Stand up tall and let people know: “I created happiness this week. What did you do?”

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