Why You Should be Excited About Customer Support

It’s just another date on the calendar. But the first of the year inevitably ends up holding some significance for us. The end of an era, the start of a new, optimism or pessimism. It’s easy to fall prey to the pessimism, so I’m here to tell you:

Being involved in customer support in 2013 is going to be awesome.

Why? Here’s 5 reasons:

1. You’re going to be paid more

Yet again, pay for customer support reps rose. This year by 7% (even higher than last year’s 6% increase)!* Make sure to use some of that increase to spend on things that’ll relax you after a hard day of support.

2. We finally have data to back up what we’re doing

Customer support is moving from a costly necessity to a source of retention and profit, and we can finally prove it. Not only that, but people are listening! Over 700 people have already viewed our CEO, Richard White, preaching the new order at UserConf. He had gems like these handy:

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56% of online consumers agree that their (customer service) calls are more complex as simple transactions are often automated

It's 5x more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to satisfy and retain current ones

(Not to mention the studies we’ve done here that suggest outages and showing a human face make you more money.)

UserConf 2012 schedule

3. UserConf NYC!

People were so ecstatic about our inaugural UserConf that we’re bringing it to the Big Apple! We’ll have real customer service practitioners from Vimeo, Meetup, Fog Creek and more talk about how they successfully provide fantastic support (and reap the benefits). Head over to UserConf.co to learn more!

4. The chief customer officer is coming

More proof that the writing is on the wall: even Inc. is claiming that the future is a chief customer officer, who will focus on all things customers. This could be you, very soon.


5. More companies are making support fun and positive

Hey, we know doing support can be hard. But more and more companies are trying to make it a better experience…whether it be various customer service tools copying UserVoice’s gamification features, teams like Aaron Wheeler’s at SEOmoz incorporating personal goals into morning standups, or more companies smartly empowering their employees to delight customers.

So: get excited. Customer support isn’t a neglected necessity anymore – leaders are realizing it’s a crucial retention process, and thus it’s becoming much cooler (yes, I said that customer support is cool) and well-funded. Things are looking up – let’s work together to keep it that way!

*Data via http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/dsrv

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