I mentioned in a post the other day that sometimes acting on customer feedback gets delayed while a big project is the focus. Now that we’re done with the first phase of the huge project that was Touchpoint Toolkit, we’re diving back into your feedback. Our first target? Emails.

You’ve been telling us for a while that our ticket notifications for agents are a little lacking. They don’t show the full ticket history, lack or obscure some important data, and they’re, frankly, a little boring. The new notifications beat up the old notifications and sent them crying home to their momma.


  • Include full ticket history
  • Allow assigned admin to see notes, even if the ticket was assigned to them *after* the note was written
  • Have more legible custom field values and ticket metadata

Here’s what a ticket notification looks like:

UserVoice email ticket notification

If there are additional messages in the ticket thread, you’ll see them:

UserVoice Ticket Notification History

And if there are any notes, reassignment info, etc, they’ll all show up as well:

UserVoice Email Ticket Notification


One additional improvement is that we hope this new design makes it easier to see that tickets can be replied to directly. Yep, in case you didn’t know: you can absolutely reply to a ticket from your email inbox and we’ll process it just as if you were doing it in the web interface.

Emails to your end-users will not change at all. They’ll still see a nice, simple, regular-email-like response:


Thanks for your incredibly helpful feedback about notifications. We hope you enjoy the new ones…please let us know what you think!