This week Diamond Candles, a soy candles company, won the SPIKE Award for social product innovation in the consumer-packaged goods category. How? By implementing UserVoice Feedback to ask their customers what their next line of scented candles should be.

The young candle manufacturer has made a name for themselves with a fun concept (there’s a ring, of varying value, in each candle) and great customer service. “The only way to rival or scale the huge companies was to connect with people through social media,” says Justin Winter, company co-founder. “To get people absolutely involved in their brand.”

Despite the risk of letting customers have input into a costly physical product, Diamond Candles was quick to set up their UserVoice Feedback forum. It wasn’t a random move; people were already giving suggestions. “We weren’t trying to create this desire – we were just giving them an outlet.”

Justin set up their feedback forum in an afternoon, and immediately the ideas started rolling in. The weirdest was “Thanksgiving Gravy” (which thankfully didn’t get many votes). The winners include “Pumpkin Chai” and “Pecan Pie”.

“We saw very high engagement rates, and people were thrilled to order a candle that they basically invented. It’s really shown our customers that Diamond Candles cares more than any other candle company, and it was incredibly easy to do.”

Got a candle idea? Diamond Candles is currently accepting suggestions. Want your own forum? Check out UserVoice Feedback.