Over the last year we’ve been introducing new tools to capture more data about your users and their feedback, and new reports to provide valuable insights. Now when you go to your UserVoice dashboard, you’ll get a quick overview of all this information, including open tickets, active ideas, current Instant Answer rate, satisfaction score, and # of active users. You can also click on any of the primary stats to drill into their corresponding report.

UserVoice Dashboard Updates

We’ve also replaced the visitors graph (which only reported web portal activity) with a new usage graph. This new graph shows the overall number of people who have actively interacted with your UserVoice account as well as where they are using your UserVoice account, be it your UserVoice web portal, a Javascript widget embedded in your web app or site, or from within your Android or iOS app using our native mobile SDK.

The new dashboard is now available on all accounts. If you’re on an older plan and would like to gain access to our new Satisfaction scores and User Insights, you can migrate your plan today!

Car dashboard photo courtesy of Dominik Bartsch