This is part of our ongoing series on Scaling Customer Service, based on our Customer Service Scaling Timeline.Customer Service Scaling TimelineHere we are at Stage 5 of the Customer Service Scaling Timeline. You’re no longer a plucky startup. You’re becoming a company, with all the good and bad that entails. Your team is growing, which means you can do more – but also means that you have less direct control over quality.

Stage 5 is all about putting processes in place that ensure quality and avoid becoming the traditional call center, where nobody can help you and everything takes forever. Here are some of the parts of scaling gracefully into Stage 5:

  • Scale tools before team. Video. Webinars. Classes. How can you proactively educate more people rather than letting them run into issues and have to wait for a response form the support team?
  • Consider reintroducing live chat. Now that your team is significantly larger, you can have someone dedicated to it, which is what it requires. Your customers will love the instant response.
  • Implement a CRM. As your company grows, it’s harder to yell across the room to find out about a customer. A CRM will allow you to keep continuity across different service channels and employees…even if they don’t know each other.
  • Training is all-important. You can’t watch every staff member, and you shouldn’t have to. Make sure you have significant training to not just give them the tools but also the cultural education to maintain your level of quality.
  • Start hiring strategically. Don’t just fill seats – fill timezones, fill technical gaps, perhaps even fill languages. Your company is big enough that not providing these things simply isn’t an option.
  • Assign tickets by specialty. If all employees have the same level of knowledge, nobody can help with complex issues (Ever called a telecom call center?). Have specialists whom customers with specific, tricky issues can be sent to.
  • Consider formally integrating social media into your support process. Are there enough issues on social media to require this? If so, figure out how this might fit into your existing systems, goals, and training.

Ready to dive into becoming a Company with a capital C and great customer support? Stay tuned…