It’s done! UserConf, our first-ever conference about keeping your customers (happy) has just concluded. By the end of the conference attendees left energized and empowered to change customer service for the better. Mission accomplished. While we may not be able to relay all the positive vibes, laughs, idea-sharing and connections that took place inside the Fort Mason center last Friday, we can provide you with a sense of the heart of the event!

audience members at UserConf

Our amazing speakers covered everything from marriage advice (props to Jessica Semaan for an amazing analogy) to scaling customer service to the absolute do-not’s and the best strategies. We’ll be releasing videos of each talk in the coming months, but today we’ll share three ideas that encompass the overall theme of UserConf. Here they are from the attendees themselves:

1) Customer service isn’t just an add-on, but an integral part of the product and its development

2) Customers are humans, not disposable income

And finally, 3) Providing amazing customer service to every customer matters a whole bunch

While there were a lot of practical lessons shared (which you’ll see in the videos), it was these three concepts that built some of the core UserConf themes and provided a foundation for lots of gnarly discussion. If people walked away with an understanding of those three concepts, we think we’ve done our job. Huge thanks to everyone who came, our speakers, and our sponsors. We also just uploaded all the photos to Facebook and think that you’ll get a kick out of them. 🙂

Kevin Hale speaking at UserConf

If you missed out this year, it’s totally cool – we’ve already decided that we’ll be doing it again next year! It’s up to you to tell us where you want it! Let us know here. And if you’re still wondering what UserConf is all about, it’s kind of like this:

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