One of the key features in UserVoice Feedback is the ability to set statuses for ideas. These allow you to keep your customers in the loop about the progress of their ideas and to return their votes to them when you close an idea.


Today we’re giving you even more control with the ability to create custom statuses.

For most companies, the standard Under Review, Planned, Started, Completed, and Declined statuses are just fine. But for many, these are restrictive. Now – thanks to your feedback on the subject – you can create any status in your Feedback Settings:


If you want this status to close the idea and return votes to the voters, simply check the “Close idea” box.


This feature is available for those on the Ultimate plan (or, if you’re on our legacy plans, the Gold plan).

So, how might I use this feature?

Here’s 5 suggestions:

  1. Think an idea is good but know you won’t get to it this year? Create a “Backburner” status!
  2. Want to make it clear that you’ve read an idea, but you’re looking for more feedback? Create an “Open for voting” status!
  3. Don’t ever mark anything as “Under Review”? Delete that status option!
  4. Have a feature in beta? Create an “In Beta” status!
  5. Want to add a little attitude? Change “Planned” to “Hell, yeah!”.

This feature is available now. Dig in, and let us know how you are using custom statuses!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice