Community Manager Appreciation Day cards

This coming Monday, January 23rd, is Community Manager Appreciation Day: a celebration of those who keep our customers happy, engaged, and in love with our products. We celebrate every year, but we wanted to do something extra-special this year.

We’ve lovingly crafted these cards so you can share your appreciation (and your sense of humor) with the community manager in your life. Tweet 'em, or control-click (right-click on Windows) the JPG or PDF links and choose “Save image as” to download so you can mail 'em out.

You can manage my community any day - Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

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I won't tell anyone that you check Twitter from the urinal - Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day


Vacation? What's a vacation? Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day


Are you a community manager? Send these to your colleagues, and then pour yourself a drink. You deserve it.

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

-Evan Hamilton
Community Manager, UserVoice

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