I’ve long argued that Community should be written with a capital C, and made a central part of the organization. Customers are who, at the end of the day, every department is working for, and thus Community needs to work to build customer interests and voice into all these parts. For a more in-depth rant, check out my manifesto about creating a Chief Happiness Officer.

Well, CHO might have been an unfortunate acronym…but UserVoice is still committed to making Community a primary department and focus.

As of today, my new role will officially be Head of Community at UserVoice. I’ll be working to be even more strategic and more one-to-many in my efforts to make sure UserVoice’s customers, employees, and the larger customer service world are happy, productive, and informed.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m too good for you – if anything, it means I’ll be spending more time delving into what our customers want and need.

Joining me in this effort is our latest hire, Carter Gibson. Carter recently graduated from American University in Washington, DC. He’s worked at the Ad Council, HelpsGood, and built a large following on Google+ before driving across the country to join UserVoice in San Francisco. Carter has a ton of enthusiasm and can tell you who manufactured a roller coaster just by looking at it (not relevant, just awesome). Carter will be helping to handle the firehose of awesomeness that you all send our way every day. I’m extremely excited to have him backing me up and helping to build out our department.

Viva the Community Department, and great ready for even more awesome from UserVoice!

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice