[UPDATE] We’ve now pushed this live for all users! [/UPDATE]

Today we are excited to announce the impending release of our new Admin Console! This has been a labor of love over the last several months, and we want to thank our users who have provided invaluable feedback – much of which has been included in this release.

Starting today, when you log into the existing admin console, you will see a link allowing you to test-drive the new interface and features. In the coming weeks, once we’ve completed some migrations, we will roll everyone over to the new console and retire the old one.

So what’s new in this release? Glad you asked.

Complete redesign


The new Admin Console has been completely redesigned to help you manage your feedback site quickly and efficiently. Previously, admins had to switch between their end-user feedback site and admin console to view and manage their users’ ideas. Now, you can perform all administrative tasks within the Admin Console, quickly filter and sort ideas, dig deeper to find all related comments and supporters, as well as learn more about your users’ activity.



The new dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye-view of the ideas and activity on your feedback site, as well as see which ideas need your attention most.

Merge duplicate ideas


(See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/1KpGN)

This feature allows you to merge duplicate ideas in your forum. When an idea is merged into another, its votes and supporters are added and the “winning” idea.


(See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/bayiW)

Forums are a great way to organize ideas across different products, but oftentimes ideas within a single forum could be categorized even further. Now, a category can be assigned to an idea (either by the person creating the idea or an administrator). Admins can also create a custom set of categories for each forum.

Moderation Tools


While we currently allow users to flag inappropriate content, this isn’t always enough. We’ve enhanced our moderation tools to include pre-moderation, advanced user flagging actions, filters, and granular voter fraud detection.

Spam filter 

(See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/jf8G6)

We’ve integrated Automattic’s popular Akismet spam filter to remove idea and comment spam.

Pre-moderation (See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/hCubI)

Many of our customers require an extra-level of human-powered moderation. Our pre-moderation tool allows moderators to approve new ideas and comments before they are published.

Profanity filter (See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/iVjyC)

Add a profanity filter (http://uservoice.com/a/iVjyC)

Our profanity filter allows you to filter out inappropriate content posted in your forum. Initially, this feature is English-only, but we will be rolling this out for other languages soon.

Voter fraud detection (See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/3u4W7)

We’ve had a vote fraud detection system in place for quite some time, but have found that different organizations require different levels of prevention. We now give you greater control over how the system detects and discards fraudulent votes.

Notes & File attachments (admins only)


(See idea: http://uservoice.com/a/fQuZ2)

Admins can now attach files directly to an idea for everyone to see, or privately as a note to other admins. Notes and attachments are a great way to continue the dialog around ideas.

And much, much more…

More custom color options, branded emails, traffic analysis, email analytics, idea history view, message center, private idea supporter messages, site-wide search… the list goes on! If you’re already an admin, log in to test it out today.

And, as always, we appreciate your feedback!