Today we’re announcing a shift in leadership. Junior Product Manager Jacob Bajic will be taking over as CEO. Under his leadership we’ll be diving even deeper into our mission to revolutionize customer engagement. Touchpoint Toolkit will be the centerpiece of this effort, and Jacob will immediately take over leading the early access program.

Jacob is has been an employee here for 2 years, and comes from an extensive manufacturing and electronics background. He’s been an incredibly hard worker since he joined UserVoice; many employees remark that he’s always in the office before they get in and stays there far after they leave.

Our Associate Community Manager, Carter Gibson, sat down with Jacob to talk about his experience and his vision for the future.

Our founder Richard White will be moving from the position of CEO into an advisory role and focusing on his musical career. “Our team karaoke experiences have made one thing very clear to me: I have a gift, and it needs to be shared with the world.” His first tour, with UserVoice Account Lead Danny Bloomfield, will be announced shortly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jacob on Twitter.

-Evan Hamilton
Head of Community, UserVoice