How (and Why) to Hire Product Managers for Culture Add vs. Culture Fit

Hiring product managers — or anyone  — for “culture fit” is nothing new.

Historically, employers would screen applicants for such modern day no-no’s as socio-economic background, ethnicity, and alma mater, in order to ensure that similar folks were brought into their ranks.

More recently, anti-discrimination law requires that employers don’t primarily (or

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product working together with sales team

How Product Management Can Work Effectively with Sales

You need sales to sell your product. Sales needs you to make a product they can sell.

Nothing surprising there, but in order to create an organization that is dynamic and responsive to the market while still generating revenue, the relationship between sales and product management can—and should—be much deeper.

An effective

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5 Ways to Kill Your Credibility as a Product Manager

It’s in pretty much every product manager job description: you must “establish credibility,” whether it’s with internal stakeholders, customers and technical teams, or more vague targets such as “the market” or “the industry.” Companies don’t include this by accident, since product managers must influence people without a whole lot of

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prodpad public product roadmap

Our Public Product Roadmap Hasn’t Ruined Our Business At All

Ten years ago, Elon Musk was kicking around one insane idea after the other.

Electric cars. Electric recharging stations along American highways. Electric cars for everyone. He even blogged about it openly on his nascent company, Tesla Motors’ blog. It was totally nuts, said everyone.

Today, Musk’s vision is steadily becoming a

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11 Twitter Users Product Managers Should Follow

Your extracurricular education as a Product Manager shouldn’t stop at books and the occasional class or workshop here and there. One of the best, most continuous sources of learning? From other product people on Twitter.

Here are 11 Twitter users we think Product Managers should check out. These are smart, lively folks who

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