Product Management

The Best Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve

As a product manager, you probably wear a lot of hats. Strategist. Liaison. Analyst. Salesperson. QA…and those are just the ones you wear before lunch. With the litany of responsibilities on your plate, eliminating inefficiencies becomes an(other) important task. Fortunately, …

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How to Spot the Gaps You Inherited


Introduction: Product Management is all about filling gaps
Understanding Your New Role

The unique character of PM – varied expectations
A little due diligence can go a long way
You’ll need time to pick out the mismatch between expectations and reality

Taking Measure of the …

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Overcoming your Company’s Fear of Failing

The latest generation of entrepreneurs has contributed its share of buzzwords and mantras to the business lexicon with mixed results. We all now know “unicorns” aren’t just mythical horses. “Disruption” is a legitimate strategy for a company trying to break …

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Building Relationships with Other Team Leaders

No product leader should be surprised how much their new job features coffee meetings and impromptu chats. There will be plenty of leaders at your level (sales, support, success, marketing, etc.) and while you may be the one given domain …

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How to Get Roadmap Buy-in: Tell a Good Story

Numbers are great—when the black ones get bigger and the red ones get smaller, it’s always a good thing. And yeah, charts are awesome—arrows pointing up and to the right portend great things in the future, especially when they look …

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Yes, You DO Need to Do Post-Mortems


One of the most important, and often most-overlooked, aspects of adopting a “little-a” agile culture lies in the application of continuous improvement practices.  By far the most important of these practices is looking back over past efforts so that we …

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How to Ace Competitive Analysis

Constantly comparing yourself to your peers might be silly when you’re in high school, but in the work world, it’s a different story. Keeping tabs on the competition in business isn’t a petty affair. Your company’s ability to know what …

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Why Product Managers Should Learn to Love Deadlines


Product managers and deadlines have a complicated relationship for a wide variety of reasons.  We often hate them because of the constraints that they put on us, the pressure that they exert on our development teams, and the oversight (sometimes …

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Stop Building for the Sake of Building

More is better, right?

The more stuff your product can do, the more markets and personas you’re satisfying. The more capabilities you have, the fewer reasons for a prospect to say no. The more functionality, the longer people will spend …

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How to Pay Off Technical Debt Without Derailing Progress

There’s a dirty word in the software business, one that is spoken only in hushed tones, whispered in ears during lulls in activity, the thing-that-shall-not-be named: “Technical Debt”.  Every Product Manager deals with this, whether they are aware of it …

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Security and Product Management

As a 21st century product manager, there’s a pretty good chance your product suite includes something that is connected to the Internet. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, it’s become very apparent that …

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When to “Kill” Your Product

It’s a sad truth:  not every product lives forever.  As product managers, we eventually wind up being in charge of wrapping up a product that is no longer serving the needs of its customers, hopefully by putting something better in …

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Onboarding a Junior Product Manager

Product Management by Committee: A Recipe for Disaster


It sounds like a really attractive proposition — let’s all get together and decide, as a team, where we want the product to go!  It’s a deceptively simple concept that nearly always results in the safest, least innovative path forward, …

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Being customer-centric doesn’t have to be so hard

Get a single platform that gives you all the tools to listen, analyze and close the loop with customer bases and internal teams of any size.

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