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Teach your Users to Read the Manual

Nobody RTFM, amirite??

When someone fails to read a manual/knowledge base, the reaction from support agents usually goes one of two ways: exhausted resignation, or grumpy outbursts. But saying “if you had read the manual you would know the answer to …

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That One Time I Created a Knowledge Base

I’m extremely lucky to be working at a place like UserVoice. The people are exceptional, the company is a clear thought leader in customer service, and they care about me and my professional development. Last year I spoke to our …

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Questions are a Waste of Time

Man, that doesn’t sound very user-centric, does it? But it’s true.

Let’s say Joe has a question about his new vacuum/cat toy: when should he replace the bag that collects all the dirt/cat saliva? He goes to your website. Maybe he …

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Customer Service: Live and in the Flesh

We talk a lot about online support on this blog. But what about real-life support? Turns out, it’s a big new trend.

Basecamp Delivered

During one of the many great talks at UserConf 2012, Chase Clemons of 37signals (and the amazing SupportOps …

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Twitter is the Small Claims Court of Customer Support

At UserConf NYC, our CEO made a statement that surprised a few people: “Twitter is the small claims court of customer support.”

You heard that right. Twitter isn’t the future of customer support, the shining beacon of greatness that we all …

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Gamification in Customer Service Doesn’t Have to be BS

There’s been a lot of talk about gamification being the future…specifically, the future of increasing customer engagement and retention. But there’s something important to keep in mind: gamification is not about creating motivation – it’s about reminding people of their …

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How to Not Social Media: 5 Lessons from Others

There’s a palpable air of schadenfreude that accompanies a social media mishap. Like a train wreck you just can’t look away from, you watch a brand struggle to recover just as closely as you watch Amanda Bynes at the gym. Will …

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What to Do AFTER Dealing With an Angry Customer

So you’ve dealt with your crisis or angry customer. You’ve followed our tips for dealing with crises and dealing with angry customers. You’ve apologized. So what do you do afterwards?

We’ve already warned about the dangers of creating too many rules …

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