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building a feedback machine

6 Strategies for Scaling Your Customer Feedback Program

The following is an excerpt adapted from Building a Feedback Machine, our free eBook geared towards product managers who need an effective, scalable method of capturing and leveraging customer feedback. Get the full version for detailed advice on how to …

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building an evangelical beta testing community

How to Build an Evangelical Beta Testing Community

This is the third and final article in my beta testing series, which has included articles on How to Find Ideal Beta Testers and How to Motivate Beta Testers.

Have you ever wondered why some sites or products seem to simply explode onto the market? …

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how can you close the customer feedback loop?

How to Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Fewer boxes. More loops. There are two important lessons I have learned as a PM that made me start thinking in loops and stop thinking in boxes:

No user touchpoint occurs in an isolated box.
It is easy to get tunnel vision, focusing on one …

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customer advisory board putting pieces together

Customer Advisory Board Best Practices

Throughout this Customer Feedback series, I’ve focused on methods and tactics you can use to improve your product or a particular offering. A Customer Advisory Board, or CAB, is your opportunity to tap into your most insightful, influential customers, and …

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usability testing best practices

Customer Feedback Best Practices: Usability Testing

You have created a functional prototype. You’re proud of it and believe that it is perfectly designed to solve your particular market problem. It’s elegant, beautiful, tight. You’ve convinced yourself that no one, not even the drunkest of users, would …

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