Tips & Tricks: Use Categories Instead of Multiple Forums

uservoice_forum_categoriesOccasionally I run into a company that has a lot of UserVoice forums. A lot. One for feedback about their settings, one for feedback about their design, one for feedback about their front-end, and so on.

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Categorizing is great, but your customers aren’t going to take the time to figure out where to put their feedback. They’re already doing you a favor…don’t make them think any further!

While separate forums are great for totally different products, we highly recommend using categories to organize your feedback on your primary forum. Customers can but aren’t required to set a category, so it doesn’t get in their way (and you can always add a category after the fact). All the ideas about a single product will be searchable on the same forum. And it’s easy to pivot between categories quickly.

Learn how to set up categories in our knowledge base.

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