Hey UserVoicers,

One of the biggest concerns we hear from people considering UserVoice is how much work it will be. Transitioning from their current system, integrating us in their web properties, maintaining the forum, encouraging engagement…is it all worth it?passpack-logo

Today Passpack, “the first online password manager”, announced that they had opened a UserVoice forum. I dropped Passpack President, Tara Kelly, a line to find out more about their transition. I think they’re a great example of how to successfully move to UserVoice for your feedback collection.

Moving To Increase Engagement

The blog post states that “the main reason we opted to switch was so that we could actually reply to you about your ideas”. This made my day. I’ve been harping all week on Twitter about how collecting feedback is useless unless you actually involve yourself in the feedback process. Passpack gets this, and moved to UserVoice expressly so they could join the conversation.

They don’t just talk engagement: if you take a look at Passpack’s UserVoice forum you can see that many of the ideas on the first page have some sort of admin response on them. Using the “Under Review”, “Planned”, and “Started” statuses indicate clearly to Passpack’s customers that they’re listening and acting on their top feedback…encouraging those customers to continue submitting and voting on this valuable feedback. Their customers are getting a return on their investment (I’ll come back to customer ROI in a future post).

Passpack took it to the next level on the Passpack Server Edition idea, a project that would be significant and complicated work to undertake. Instead of building it blindly without any further feedback or giving up on it as too complex, Tara has posted an admin status marking the idea as “Under Review” and linked to a survey for interested customers to fill out – allowing her to get specific info from people who have already expressed their interest in this idea.

Moving To Lower Effort

Tara said it took less than one full day to move to UserVoice from their previous system, which was “a patchwork of three pieces of software.”

“With Uservoice we were able to eliminate the custom code, and relieve the project management system from being misused. The ticketing system remains in place and I just needed to swap out the PM API with the Uservoice API and we can continue to push suggestions as usual.

All this, and now we get to actually reply to Passpack users too.”

Less management, less custom code, and one day to set up.

Using UserVoice’s Import Tool to Make the Transition Easy

Moving to a new platform is always hard for your customers, especially when they have already invested time in the previous platform. Rather than ditch the ideas customers had already sent in (making them unhappy) or painstakingly re-posting each one, Tara used UserVoice’s import feature to get the existing ideas into the new forum. Importing these ideas is great because it means their UserVoice forum launched with a bunch of popular suggestions already included AND shows (once again) that they want to give their customer a good Return-On-Investment for their ideas.

Encouraging Interaction Via Placement and Promotion

All of this is great, but what’s a feedback forum with no activity? In addition to adding the UserVoice Feedback Tab to the Passpack homepage, Tara included it as a link on their support page and posted it to their blog and Twitter account. The result? 17 votes in the first hour. Passpack’s customers are active, engaged, and feeling the love. That’s a win.

Have your own success story or want to point out a company that is doing an awesome job with their UserVoice forum? Drop me a line at the email address below!