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Traits of a product leader

4 Traits of Successful Product Leaders

Product managers may or may not be the “CEOs of product,” but how do you boss around a bunch of CEOs? Leading a product management organization is a unique role in modern technology companies, and one that was quite uncommon …

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How to scale up your product management team

Scaling your Product Team: When and How to Start

So your organization is growing, your products are becoming more complex, and you’ve got more customers demanding your attention and new functionalities. Congratulations! These are all good things, but they can stress product teams that haven’t kept up with the …

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The Best Product Management Events Happening in 2017

The Best Product Management Events Happening in 2017

There are plenty of fantastic ways to keep your product management skills sharp and keep up with evolving industry trends and new technologies. There’s no shortage of product management blogs, podcasts, and reading lists out there to keep you in …

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Infographic: Customer Powered Product Decisions

Product feedback is an invaluable resource for informing roadmap decisions for both new and established products, and product teams across the board constantly seek more insight from their customers whether they have 10 or 10,000,000 to listen to. With insight …

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Onboarding a Junior Product Manager

How to Onboard Junior Product Managers for Success

As your product management team grows, you will inevitably bring on some more junior product managers. Some may have a couple of years under their belt, while others may be fresh out of school or recent converts from engineering, design, …

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How to Be Customer-Centric at Scale

When you start building a product, you are obsessed with “the customer.” You spend abundant time finding out who they are, identifying their pain points, and addressing them gracefully and creatively. Your world is all about interviews, a/b tests, and …

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interactive product roadmapping meeting

How to Hold an Interactive Product Roadmapping Meeting

Roadmapping doesn’t have to be a solitary affair for product managers. Get stakeholders involved in the action by using some of these interactive activities:

Get Sticky With It

One of the best visual product roadmap tools is something simple you probably already have …

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pre-mortem analysis

13 Questions to Ask in a Product Pre-Mortem

Almost every decision your company makes is based on assumptions. You assume there is demand. You assume how people will use your product. You assume your pricing lines up with the perceived value of your solution.

Lots of those assumptions are …

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out of control product backlog lion

How to Tame Your Product Backlog



You got in the Agile game to be nimble, react to changing market conditions and opportunities, and work collaboratively with your development team to rapidly bring solutions to market without being bogged down in processes and endless meeting. So how …

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