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Person thinking in front of whiteboard while looking at paper

How well is your customer feedback program performing?

I think it’s safe to assume the majority of product teams agree that customer feedback is a critical input for making customer-centric product decisions. However, capturing and managing feedback effectively is a task often fraught with many questions. What exactly …

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Customer Empathy: What it is and How to Build it

It’s common knowledge that empathy is one of the most powerful soft skills for product managers. But, let’s not forget that great products aren’t built in silos. Many discussions about customer-centric product development neglect to address the importance of fostering …

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Woman at computer communicating product changes to users

How to Communicate Product Changes To Your Users

Communicating product changes is an important aspect of the relationship between a customer and the products they use and rely upon. But, it can feel intimidating if you don’t have some best practices in mind. How do you announce new …

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People around a table discussing customer needs

How to Foster Shared Understanding of Customer Needs

Customers are all that really matter. You can build the slickest products in the world and offer seemingly amazing services, but if people aren’t buying and using them, it’s all for naught.

Internal stakeholders talk about customers all the time, but …

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Starting a Customer Advisory Board

How to Start a Customer Advisory Board

A customer advisory board is a great way to truly understand customers and find ways improve your product whether it’s just been introduced or has been established for some time. I mean, what’s not to like about getting free advice …

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Closing the customer feedback loop, how do you close the customer feedback loop?

7 Best Practices for Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

For customer-centric organizations, closing the customer feedback loop is arguably just as important as collecting customer feedback in the first place. Not only can a closed-loop customer feedback process drive customer loyalty and turn average users into passionate evangelists, but …

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The Recipe for a Balanced Feedback Diet

As the cliche goes, “the customer is always right.” Unfortunately, most customers can’t agree on what exactly they want. Today’s customer profile most likely doesn’t encompass everyone you plan to serve a couple years from now. And, oh, yeah, customers …

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