Last month, social media management tool Argyle Social released a new content calendar feature. I – and a number of their other customers – fell in love with it immediately.


While it took the talented Argyle Social team to make this feature shine, it didn’t originate in a meeting or a memo. It came from their customers. Specifically, from a post on their feedback forum.

The Telephone Effect

Previously to using a feedback forum, Argyle had trouble getting feedback from their customers into the product…even though they care deeply about them. Account Manager Garrett Button referred to it as the telephone effect.

“The telephone effect was a funny thing in our organization. The sales & support reps would relate customer requests to the product team…but the product team had no real relationship with the client or understanding of their organization. We would have really vocal clients with minor fixes and very polite, quiet clients with huge issues. Since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, those nice quiet clients wouldn’t always get their vital fix in, which no one was happy about.  In fact, 4 of 5 updates that came out a year ago only received moderate buzz from customers and potential customers.”

Taking the Customer Feedback Leap

At the urgings of myself (one of those vocal customers), Garrett and his team set up a UserVoice Feedback Forum to try to collect more prioritized feedback from customers. They followed our launch suggestions perfectly, seeding the forum with initial ideas, mentioning it to customers frequently, adding suggestions they received via phone calls, and even building it into their app.


The result? Clear priorities.

“I think we got the feedback forum at the perfect time. We had just finished our CRM integration and I don’t think we had a clear direction to move in after that. We had a good idea that people wanted an easier way to organize their outgoing messages, but we weren’t sure what form it would take. When we got the suggestion to create a content calendar we all thought it was a great idea, and it seems like our customers agreed. It shot to the top very quickly.”



Building for Customers

Argyle moved quickly, collecting details and use cases from those who had voted for the idea and launching a lean initial version of the calendar. They updated the idea in their forum (which sends a highly effective email to everyone who voted for it), announced to the public, and held their breath. The reaction?

“The content calendar is generating more buzz than anything we launched six months ago.”


As an Argyle Social customer, I can testify to the fact that they cared deeply about their customers before ever implementing a Feedback Forum. But caring doesn’t equal clear communication or priorities, and the Argyle Social team is delighted that UserVoice has helped so much with both.

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