UserVoice Analytics NavigationAs important as it is to focus on the daily care of your customers, it’s just as important to take a high-level look at how you’re doing it and adjust your tactics and strategies.

With that in mind we’ve revamped and expanded the UserVoice Analytics suite to better suit your needs. We listened to all your feedback and held an extended beta testing process with many of you to make sure these reports answered real questions. The day is finally here: these reports are available on all plans today!

Let’s dive in!

Ticket Insights Report

This report has everything you might want to know about the tickets that have come into your system.

“What is coming into my ticket system?”

How many tickets, what percentage change, and more.


“Where are these tickets going?”

See who/which groups are taking the most tickets


“How are we doing at responding to these tickets?”

For each of these agents and queues you can see the average response time and how many of these tickets were answered via the first response (much better than a long back-and-fourth).


“What’s changing?”

View trends in the use of your custom fields. If you’re tracking product area, were there any spikes in specific product area issues? If you’re asking how people feel, are they happier this month? If you’re noting which customers are paying and which are on free accounts, how many free users are sending in tickets?


Instant Answers

Everything you need to know about how our instant answers functionality is performing for you.

“Am I giving most of my users a chance to get instantly answered?”

The more users you send through your portal or widget, the more will see instant answers (potentially reducing the number of tickets you get). What’s the breakdown? Has your Instant Answer rate been getting better or worse?

UserVoice Instant Answers Data

“Is my documentation helping prevent tickets?”

What Instant Answers percentage you’re getting from your documentation, and which Knowledge Base articles are performing the best.

UserVoice Instant Answers Rate

Support Backlog Report

Everything you need to know about tickets that are still open.

“What still needs to be answered?”

UserVoice Helpdesk Ticket Backlog Report

“How badly does it need to be answered?”

How long have these tickets been open? Remember, the quicker you respond, the happier your customers are. You can filter by how many hours it’s been open, so you only see tickets you think are stale.

Ticket Wait Time Adjustment

“Who is dropping the ball?”

Which agents or queues are the worst offenders? Better check in on those slackers in the Community department…

Backlog Users

And yes…you can adjust the timeframe of and export all reports!

We know you’ve been asking for this for a long time and it’s far overdue. Enjoy!

While there’s plenty of additional reports we’re hoping to release (including a Feedback Report, for those asking), we hope these enhancements and additions will help you make your support department even more effective!

Scope out the reports and let us know what you think!