CC’ing. It’s an email feature we’ve grown accustomed to as we’ve brought people into projects, asked for help, or directed a customer to the right person. Thanks to your feedback, we learned that the way we handled both CC’ing and BCC’ing in our ticket system wasn’t the way our customers wanted it to be handled. Starting today, we’ll be handling CC’ing like the rest of the world.

In the past we had a hidden list of CC’s that said BCC in the admin console. If you received a ticket from a customer with a CC, we would remove that CC and add them to the hidden list. This created a problem since the people on the hidden list didn’t know who else was notified. If this sounds complicated it’s because it was. That’s why we changed it. In your admin console, you’ll notice new CC and BCC that you’re familiar with from your email provider of choice:

In addition, you can now add an Agent Subscriber via a custom rule. This means that you can add a member of your team to a ticket and they’ll get notified of replies and new notes. This isn’t a CC or a BCC and the agent you added won’t be seen by your customer.

When it comes to old tickets, we’ll be migrating them to true CC’s and BCC’s. Anyone who has participated in the conversation will now be a CC and anyone who hasn’t participated will become a BCC. Just in case you need to change anyone to or from BCC / CC we’ll add a nice green message letting you know to review who’s where. It looks like this:


 As of today, many of you will see the changes on your account. We’ll be rolling the feature out to you over the month if you don’t see it quite yet. Thanks again for your feedback and we’re happy to make ticketing as commonsensical as possible. If you have any more ideas please be sure to let us know and we’ll continue to listen!