Since the beginning, it’s been our mission to enable product teams to use customer data to make intelligent product decisions. Our stand-alone portal, in-app widget, and mobile SDKs have proven effective channels for capturing feedback directly from users and we continue to find ways to improve these channels daily.

Customer feedback fuels our product decisions and we apply a dogfood approach to obtaining this critical insight. Through both our customers, and our own experience using our product, we learned many product teams struggle to effectively gather and make use of the user feedback received by customer-facing teams within their organization.

Feedback from teams like Sales and Support, who interact directly with customers on a daily basis, is extremely valuable to product teams. Yet capturing and managing that feedback can be an unwieldy task that leaves both product and customer-facing teams frustrated. We want to make it easy for product teams to capture and leverage this feedback and for customer-facing teams to share it and understand how their requests stack up against others. With this goal in mind, we built our newest feature — Contributor Sidebar.

Contributor Sidebar improves how feedback from internal teams is collected and organized in several key ways:

Capture Feedback from Customer-Facing Teams with Ease

Our new sidebar enables you to capture feedback through customer facing teams rather than from them; ensuring you get accurate feedback containing all the context you need.

For customer-facing teams, Contributor Sidebar takes much of the legwork out of sharing customer feedback with the product team. The sidebar lives in the browser, enabling internal teams, such as support and sales to quickly capture feedback within the tools they’re already using. (i.e. support tools, social media, CRMs, etc.). Once captured, their feedback is automatically aggregated in a single accessible place — no more clutter.sidebar-illustration-for-blog-post

Prioritize your Product Roadmap with Contextual Feedback

Contributor Sidebar gives customer-facing teams the ability to attribute each suggestion to its original customer or prospect. Segment this data in a way that’s most important to you and your product — whether by customer value, revenue, NPS score, etc. This way, you can determine the value of qualitative requests using quantitative data.

Improved Visibility and Communication Between Teams

The sidebar groups feedback by team (support, sales, etc.) — you can easily view the top requests coming through customer-facing teams, while they in turn can view the product team’s most popular suggestions.

Better communication means better products.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in Contributor Sidebar or want to see it in action, contact us at